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FFA chapters use the Program of Activities (POA) to plan and develop their goals for the year. A well-developed POA serves to define the chapter goals and outlines steps needed to meet those goals. The POA also provides a written guide for administrators, advisory committees, and others with a calendar of events the chapter will follow in the year ahead.

Chapter POA's are required to be completed on the AET.  PDF versions are to be uploaded by October 15th. 

North Dakota FFA POA Manual

National FFA POA Resource Guide and Other Resources

State Superior Chapter Award

Every chapter that meets the minimum quality chapter standards and completes Form I (Form I Activities and Form I Indicators - found in Chapter AET) will qualify as a state superior chapter. To do this, chapters need to conduct one activity related to each quality standard in addition to meeting the minimum criteria outlined in the National Quality Chapter Standards. Chapters receive a superior chapter certificate each year they achieve this level. 

POA Summary

Form 2: Chapter Activity Planning Sheet   PDF     Word

Form 3: Chapter Committee Meeting Report     PDF    Word

Form 4: Chapter Final Report    PDF    Word

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