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Living to Serve

The National FFA Organization embraces the idea of building stronger communities. The last line of the FFA motto, “Living to Serve,” signifies the vital role service plays in our organization.

The Living to Serve platform empowers every student in every classroom to make a positive impact in their community. FFA provides quality programs, resources, recognition and opportunities for our members to put their leadership into action through service engagement.

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To bring the last line of our motto "Living to Serve" into focus, FFA chapters across the country can register a service event to be hosted in February and October.

Living to Serve Grants provide an opportunity for FFA chapters (middle school, high school or alumni/collegiate) and state FFA associations/foundations to seek funding to support various types of service projects through a competitive application process. 

In an effort to create a common language around service engagement, below you will find information about community service and service-learning and the three types of activities that can occur in both forms of service engagement.

Executing a successful service project includes four steps: investigate, plan, serve and evaluate. This process helps insure that any service engagement opportunity will be a success!

Across the country FFA chapters are making an impact in their community. Here are a few examples of what it looks like to identify a community need and create a project to meet that need.

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