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Winter CDEs

Winter CDEs 

March 18th, 2024 ~ North Dakota State Fair Center, Minot

Cost: Free

Agronomy - Students choose this CDE to build and prove skills in agronomic sciences. Participants complete a 50-question written exam, identify seeds, plants, diseases, damages, and other agronomic factors. In addition, contestants evaluate market and seed grain classes and grade grain.

Agricultural Sales - Students in this CDE demonstrate the professional sales process including customer relations, advertising and promotion, and product display. At the competition, members complete a 50-question general knowledge exam, present a product summary, and make a sales presentation for an agricultural product. Teams also work cooperatively to strategize a marketing campaign for an agricultural product and present this campaign to a panel of judges.

Livestock Evaluation - This CDE is the North Dakota state contest to determine which team will represent North Dakota at the national level. This event is the last of the judging season after the conclusion of several regional contests hosted by alumni and chapters throughout the state. The Livestock Evaluation CDE helps students learn to evaluate beef cattle, sheep, and swine and defend their decisions. At the competition, participants evaluate two classes of each species and place these classes based on market and breeding usage, physical characteristics, and performance records. Participants also determine keep/cull classes for market and breeding stock and give oral reasons explaining their placing of these classes.

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