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The State Fair is the showplace for North Dakota agriculture and offers an opportunity to show the citizens of our great state, and thousands of guests, just what agricultural education means. It is our opportunity to showcase the products of our efforts, and for students to receive valuable recognition and experience. Our members exhibit over 20,000 projects in areas of crops, fruits and vegetables, livestock, agricultural mechanics, technology, and horticulture, or by testing their skills in competitive events like tractor driving. There is an activity and an opportunity for every student who is enrolled in agricultural education.


FairEntry is an online exhibit entry system that allows advisors to register their chapter exhibits for entry in the FFA shows at the NDSF. FairEntry is an encompassing online program to streamline the entry process so, check-ins, show programs and results can be processed and posted quickly and efficiently at the NDSF. The program provides complete summaries of chapter and individual FFA member exhibits. 
All entries/exhibits must be entered into FairEntry at and approved by the state FFA office. The state FFA office will create a pdf of the FairEntry exhibit tags and provide the electronic file to the advisors. FairEntry exhibit tags will be printed by the chapter advisor on a laser printer and attached to the exhibits. All static, poultry and rabbit exhibits, except livestock, must include the printed exhibit tag from FairEntry. Livestock must still be entered into FairEntry.

Agent Exhibitor Group Entry
FairEntry Email Examples

Animal Type Entry Requirements

2023 NDSF Livestock Inspection & Animal Health Requirements


ND State Fair Advisor Duties

Tractor Operator Contest

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