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The Food Science and Technology Career Development Event (CDE) requires students to have an in-depth understanding of food product development, food presentation and food safety issues. Participants also use their sensory skills to solve problems and make sound decisions.

Students in this event participate in both team and individual activities. As a team, students respond to a product development scenario describing the need for a new or redesigned product that appeals to a potential market segment. The team’s task is to design a new food product or reformulate an existing product based on information contained within the product development scenario. The team also completed a food safety and sanitation activity. As individuals, an objective test, a problem solving practicum and a food safety practicum are completed to count towards the team score.

This event reaches students in an area of agriculture that’s continuing to grow in all aspects. By exposing students to issues in food science and technology, students gain experience that prepares them for traditional and non-traditional careers.

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